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Big Apple Parent & Westchester Parent Newspaper “Remembering 9/11-Songs For the Youngest Victims”

September 2004
Remembering 9/11
Songs for the Youngest Victims
By: Diana Marszalek

*Also published in the Westchester Parent Newspaper

For two months following the September 11 terrorist attacks, Dr. Kathleen Reilly Fallon, a Manhattan foot and ankle specialist who lives in Armonk, worked daily at St. Paul’s Church just a block from Ground Zero. She was there to provide the police and firefighters working around the clock at the site the special care they needed to continue.

“It was something beyond what I ever thought I would experience,” recalls Dr. Fallon. “It changed me as a person and taught me not to take life for granted.” The events had such an impact on her that she pledged to continue to help the victims of the attacks – something she is doing today through the production and distribution of a children’s CD. Heavenly Lullabies, a 24-song CD, was created by Dr. Fallon, who studied opera performs on its tracks. Proceeds from sales of the CD go to the Twin Towers Orphan Fund, California-based group that raises money to help pay the educational and healthcare costs of children who lost one or both parents on September 11.

“Sixty-three children were born after losing their fathers on 9/11, and about 1,000 other kids lost one or both parents that day,” Dr. Fallon says. The CD, which sells for $19.95 and can be purchased at, has raised about $6,000 for the fund so far.

Dr. Fallon says the roots of the idea were based not only in her personal love for music and the solace lullabies can provide for young children, but also in her experience as a new mother of an infant son at the time.

“As both a person and as a doctor, it helps to know that this is going to perpetuate these young ones by providing for their education and their health,” she says. “It’s going to impact their young lives.”

Producing the CD was a labor of love for Dr. Fallon who enlisted the assistance of friends and her husband, James, a Julliard student. She also received support from the business and music worlds. Renowned pianist Frederick Chiu performs on the recording, as does actor Frank Pellegrino of The Sopranos, who sing baritone. Songs include familiars like “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”, “Brahms Lullaby” and “Hush Little Baby”, but as Dr. Fallon points out, the recordings were made specifically with the young victims in mind. “The Cradle Song”, for example, which features Pellegrino, is designed to echo the voice of a father in heaven.

Dr. Fallon hopes the continued presence of the CD will help to keep the futures of the children who lost parents in the attacks at the forefront, even as the event itself becomes more distant. “It impacted my life pretty much forever,” she says.