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Heavenly Skies and LullabiesWhat happens when you put together a Foot and Ankle doctor in New York City with a Manhattan actor and restauranteur?

Only one of the best reviewed and most loved children’s books of 2007.

Dr. Kathy Reilly Fallon and Frank Pellegrino (best known for being the owner of the famous Rao’s restaurant in New York) along with illustrator Becky Kelly, all collaborated on Heavenly Skies and Lullabies, an illustrated song book and CD.

Dr. Fallon and Mr. Pellegrino provide the beautiful singing voices to 11 beautiful and soothing lullabies on the CD. The book contains lyrics and illustrations to accompany each. The book recently won a bronze medal in the Moonbeam Children’s Book awards honoring the year’s best children’s books, and its illustration won a gold medal.

All net proceeds from this book goes to World Vision to help children who were affected by of Hurricane Katrina.