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Journal News Drawing Finds to Jerry’s Kids

Drawing Funds to Jerry’s Kids

Journal News        September 27, 1982

Fourteen-year old Kathleen Reilly appeared on the Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy Tele-a-thon to hand over a check for $8,300, proceeds from the Muscular Dystrophy

Draw-a-thon sponsored by Daitch Shopwell on Yonkers Avenue.

Kathleen was the winner of the 2nd annual Draw-a-thon which raised twice the amount collected last year. She collected and raised over $5300 over the summer.

Fifty young people entered the contest by drawing pictures which were then displayed at Shopwell with canisters below each picture. Customers then voted for the picture they liked best by placing money in that canister.

All contestants received gifts in addition to the awards from Shopwell and Muscular Dystrophy.

Winners also included John King, Chris Soto, Gary Beniati, Thomas Stone, Jackie Werner, Cheryl D’Addato and Ann Massa, 2nd place through 8th place, respectively.