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Review Press Newspaper “Heavenly Lullabies a Tribute to Children of 9/11”

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‘Heavenly Lullabies’ a Tribute to Children of 9/11

September 9, 2004

By Danny Lopriore

The memory of her experience as a doctor assisting on-site after the Sept. 11 attack on the World Trade Center and her own maternal instinct have inspired former Bronxville resident Dr. Kathy Reilly Fallon to create a tribute to the children who lost parents in the tragic event.

Fallon, a 34-year-old foot and ankle surgeon, served at St. Paul’s Chapel, a block fro Ground Zero, for eight weeks after Sept. 11, helping firefighters , police and emergency workers who suffered foot, ankle and lower leg pains.

“After I left Ground Zero, I felt my work should continue in some other way that would extend out to others that were affected by 9/11,” Fallon said. “ In December 2001 I decided to produce a lullaby album dedicated to the babies and orphans.”

Fallon, whose son James was just a few  months old on Sept. 11, said her thoughts immediately went out to those who had lost a spouse in the tragedy and to the women who might also have  been pregnant.

“Thinking often of my own son, I realized that many of the babies, 62 as it turns out now, would be born without fathers (or mothers),” Fallon said in a letter dedicating the CD. “Those precious gifts of life would never get to be held in their fathers’ arms and sung to at night.”

Fallon has had a passion for music since she was 5-years-old, and has been a longtime member of the children’s and adult choir of St. John the Baptist Church in New York City. She was also a member of the Collage of New Rochelle chorus from 1986-1990.

Inspired by the Sept. 11  experience, Fallon joined her husband James, a student at the Juilliard School of Music, in effort to produce the CD.

The couple built a sound studio in their Armonk home and Fallon took singing lessons. She reached back to her Irish heritage to help select the lullabies that include “Gaelic Cradle Song” “Toora, Loora, Loora” and the “Guardian Angel Prayer,” a poem for which Fallon wrote the original music.

“Heavenly Lullabies” took about 18 months to create and includes 24 song, 10 of which Falon sings on.

Frank Pellegrino, owner of the popular Manhattan restaurant Rao’s and a cast member on the HBO series “The Sopranos,” joins Fallon for a duet on the “Cradle Song” and also sings a solo entitled “Little Man.” The other 13 musical cuts are piano instrumental pieces. Nineteen musicians contributed their time to the CD.

To purchase “Heavenly Lullabies” for $15, to listen to some of the songs or view a listing of artists and their biographies, go to . All proceeds from the sale of “Heavenly Lullabies” will go directly to the Twin Towers Orphan Fund. For more information on the Twin Towers Orphan Fund, log on at .