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Helping Children of 9-11-01 & Hurricane Katrina Kids

Helping Children of 9-11-01 & Hurricane Katrina Kids
by Dr. Kathy Reilly Fallon

Congratulations to President Bill Clinton on the publication of his book entitled “Giving”.

I would like to share our “Giving” story. After 9-11-01 I began working as a Foot & Ankle Doctor/Volunteer at St. Paul’s Chapel, 1 block from Ground Zero for over 8 weeks. I was affected by all that I saw and experienced there and decided to sing and produce a CD entitled “Heavenly Lullabies”. This CD is dedicated to the Babies & Orphans of 9-11-01 and 100% of all net proceeds are still being donated to the Twin Towers Orphan Fund. I organized a Concert at Steinway Hall in New York City in September, 2003, where all the musicians from the CD came together and performed, followed by a dinner reception. The money that we raised from the sale of the Heavenly Lullabies CD’s was donated to the Twin Towers Orphan Fund.

At this point, I started a Charity called Heavenly Productions Foundation, a 501 c not for profit, whose mission is to help children in distress.

Our second project is a book/cd entitled “Heavenly Skies & Lullabies~Illustrated Song Book & CD”. This book/cd was co-created by myself and Frank Pellegrino, Owner of Rao’s Restaurant & actor on the HBO hit series, The Soprano’s. The illustrations were donated by a wonderful artist, Becky Kelly who lives in Leewood, Kansas. Father Gerard Critch, a priest in Sarasota, Florida, wrote the Foreword in the book. 100% of all net proceeds from this book/cd are being donated to World Vision, but specifically for the Hurricane Katrina Kids.

Our Foundation has also donated 100 Heavenly Lullabies CD’s to the US soldiers in Iraq as well as 100 CD’s to the Handicapped and sick children at Blythdale’s Children’s Hospital in Westchester, New York. We also donated 60 CD’s to underprivledged and handicapped to children to the St. Vincent’s Midtown Hospital Christmas Party.

Our Foundation is founded on the priciple of “Giving”, we hope to continue helping many children around the world.

Best wishes to you, President Bill Clinton and to your Family and Foundation. God Bless You!