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Father Knows Best? Armonk Resident Shares Sage Advice From Dad

by Jeanne Muchnick 06/21/2015

Warren Tabachnick of Ossining with his dad.


WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y.  — What’s the best advice your Dad ever gave you?

The following responses are from Daily Voice readers and Community Advisors in honor of Father’s Day. 


  • “My father told me (when I was in high school):  ‘Everything you know you’ve learned from books. You need to learn from experience.’ I took it to heart.”

— Sheila Klatzky, White Plains


  • “On the door of his office, my dad has a sign reading ‘Ideas, Mgmt, Quality Control.’ It could read ‘Founder’ or ‘CEO,’ but instead he’s chosen to (1) let employees know exactly what he’s focused on and (2) signal immediately that output and production matter far more than rank or hierarchy. This little sign reflects the far larger lesson I’ve learned from him: the boss needs to be the first one to grab a shovel.”

— Rob Biederman, Chappaqua


  • “My Dad’s last words to me before he passed away in December, 1996…’Kathleen, I do not know if I have  that much wisdom, but always keep your head high and be jolly and that is how I want you to live your life.'”

— Dr. Kathy Reilly Fallon, Armonk


  • “There is no such thing as ‘on time’ – you are either early or late – so be early.”

— Daniel Hochheiser, Scarsdale


  • “I remember my dad pouring a glass of water half way, and asking how I saw the cup. We went into how you see life, based on these glasses of water, do you see this glass as half empty versus half full, and that’s something that sticks with me today. I try to see every situation as half full.”

– Chereese Jervis-Hill, Cortlandt 


  • “One piece of advice I will always cherish: ‘Always get the better (or ‘bigger, brighter, sturdier,’ as the case may be) one. You’ll never regret getting the better one.”

— Warren Tabachnick, Ossining


Article courtesy of Armonk Daily Voice